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Conference "Problems, devices and methods (technology) to improve the quality of measurement of pressure"

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26-27 October 2010 our experts took part in the All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Problems, devices and methods (technology) to improve the quality of measurement of pressure in industry and research," the organizer of the event is our long-time partner - together with the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University and with the support of the Government of Tomsk region and the city of Tomsk.

The first time in post-Soviet era and conference brought together scientists, manufacturers, and consumers metering pressure. It questions of current interest to improve the quality and competitiveness of the pressure gauges and pressure sensors, which are important for the economic progress of producers and consumers of these products, strengthening the country's priorities in the field of instrumentation, strengthen its defenses.

The organizing committee of the conference included representatives of the management team leading Russian companies in the development and production of pressure gauges - President of the NGO "Yumas" Prof. V. Mulev (Moscow) and the Deputy Director General of "Manotom" on Science Ph.D., Associate Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering G. Svinolupov (Tomsk), as well as heads of departments TPU - Rector - Director of the Institute of NDT TPU Prof. VA . Klimenov and Head of innovation and production activities TPU Ph.D., Associate VP Dmitrienko.

The conference was held under the auspices of innovation. Integration of industrial enterprises and research institutions in the country today can create competitive instruments in Russia.

Of the ongoing national projects, modernization of the main economic sectors, such as chemicals, nuclear and conventional power, oil and gas mining and processing industries, require businesses to review the concepts of development, development of new designs of devices with the latest advances in microelectronics, information technology for supporting their positions in these sectors of consumption devices. The conference brought together competitors in the market of manufacturers of devices in order to convert them into supporters to create a strategy of domestic instrument.

In order to coordinate the cooperation of producers of pressure devices, consolidation of power, increase scientific and technological level of development and quality of domestic appliances, including the conduct of scientific conferences, it was decided to establish the Association of developers and manufacturers of pressure gauges and pressure sensors.

Geography of participants - more than 70 enterprises, design, research organizations, universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Also, the conference was attended by representatives of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Of particular interest were the reports of the Director of PG "Midaus" Professor MV Stuchebnikova (Ulyanovsk) of small pressure sensors, General Director of JSC "SPC VIP» GB Soldatov (Ekaterinburg) on structural and technological methods of increasing stability parameters of the primary pressure transducers. Design issues with pressure sensors nanotenzorezistorami raised professor of Novosibirsk State Technical University - VAGridchin. Several reports on the pressure sensors and metrology equipment for measuring pressure introduced industrial group "Metran" (Chelyabinsk), headed by the Director of Strategic Sales and R & D Company PG "Metran" - LI Borishpolskim. A group of scientists and developers working in Russia precision quartz pressure sensors - Ph.D., Associate Professor V. Simonov, NL Mathison (NRNU MEPI Moscow), S. Yu Baydar (FSUE FSPC "PA Start "Zarechny), VB Polyakov and A. Poles (LLC "SKTB ELPA" Uglich) presented at the conference its development. Subject pressure and temperature sensors for robotics deep voiced in the report O. Lvov, deputy chief designer of the Institute of Marine Technology (Vladivostok).

Perspective directions of domestic electrical contact pressure gauges discussed in the report by Professor V. Muleva, General Director of the NGO "Yumas" (Moscow), and associate professor G. Svinolupova, Deputy General Director of JSC "Manotom "Science.

The conference brought together top designers and metrology of large companies that use in the manufacture of pressure measuring devices. "Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk" (Tomsk), JSC "East transnational company" (Tomsk), OJSC "Siberian Chemical Plant" (Tomsk), LLC "Tomskneftekhim" (Tomsk), LLC "TomskNeftegazinzhiniring" (Tomsk), JSC "E-4SibKOTES" (Novosibirsk), TOO "IhsanTehnogaz" (Almaty, Kazakhstan), JSC "Tynys" (Kazakhstan, Kokshetau), LLC "Terra-Impex" (Mr. . Novosibirsk), OOO PTK Transelectro (Tomsk), LLC "Saransk devices" (Saransk) - and many others have expressed interest in Tomsk conference to pressure equipment.

The conference was attended by representatives of leading Russian design institutes working in the Ministry of Defense - 32 GNIII Defense Ministry, Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin" (Saint-Petersburg).

Binding chain - Russian scientific elite, elite and industrial consumers - the general problem solving, vision and creation of development plans in the community with one another - was a highlight of the conference in Tomsk.

The conference was held with a high level of organization, logistics and quality of the reports. The result of this will accelerate the introduction of innovative achievements in the industry scientists and industrial companies working in the field of development and production pressure. The general opinion of this conference decided to make traditional and held once in two years.

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