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Based on the force sensing quartz crystal EPKV-10M the several models of the balances are developed and made.



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Автономный регистратор волнения АРВ-К14


Stand-alone recorder wave quartz ARV K14 - a recorder of oscillations of hydrostatic pressure and temperature of water intended for autonomous operation, and monitoring real-time when you connect the cable. The device is manufactured in robust stainless steel housing. 

Stand-alone recorder excitement ARV K14 Quartz crystal sensor is equipped with a hydrostatic pressure and quartz temperature sensor ensures continuous operation during the 365 days or more, has an output to control an external device.

There are various options to install the DVR, as at the bottom, and in the water column, and the inclusion of marine research facilities. The main applications of ARV K14: hydrophysical studies in remote areas on the shelf, including under the ice, to ensure safe navigation in ports, harbors, bays in the monitoring centers, engineering research.

Pressure sensor:
- The upper limit of the measurement of absolute pressure (VPI) / (depth) can 
be selected when ordering (the other pressures on request) 0.6 MPa/50m. or 1.1 m MPa/100
- Resolution - + 0.0008% FS;
- The basic reduced error + 0.06% or ± 0.1% (the other error values on request).

Temperature sensor:
- Operating temperature range of -5 0 C to 45 0 C;
- Resolution + 0.01 0 C;
- The basic absolute error + 0.15 0 C or + 0.5 0 C.

Modes of data retrieval.

- Define discrete data record pressure and temperature, p. from 0.1 to 4;
- Setting the integration time (measurement time), with from 0.1 to 4;
- Care of the real time clock at a temperature of +25 ° C for a day at most, with 0.40;
- Current consumption (at least one discrete p.) Not more than, mA 1.5;
- Write data to flash memory capacity, GB 2;
- While erasing (clearing) of memory at most mines. 10.

Mode of operation in real time:
- Set a time of integration, p. from 0.1 to 10;
- Current consumption of no more than, mA 10;
- Interface to PC USB 2.0 data transfer protocol Modbus RTU;
- To work with the cable can be installed adapter card RS-485 c exchange protocol Modbus RTU.

- ARV model K14-1 U n and m, in from 1.8 to 5

Lithium batteries size "D" (3.6 V, 17 Ah). 1 or 2 pieces. (Select when ordering) provide autonomous operation of the registrar in the recording of data in increments of not less than 1 s. within 250 days, or (using 2 batteries) 400 days;

- ARV model K14-2 U n and m, in from 3.6 to 14

maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (eg DT 1207) or other food items, ensuring adequate power supply voltage required by the registrar and the charge capacity (taking into account self-discharge current).
The internal volume of the battery compartment, mm. ø 135 x 200.

Control external device:

ART-K14 has an output for external device control U out, B / I max, mA 1,8 / 5

for example:
- When you are offline is possible to implement control of sonar device, which, after a certain time after the K14 ARV may provide a signal that determines the exact location of the position of the device;
- When applying a control signal to the squib, perhaps, to realize the ascent buoy.

ARV-K14 comes with software KalibratorGUI operating systems: 
WindowsXP sp 2; WindowsXP sp 3; Windows Vista; Windows 7. With the help of software sold the following functions: 
- View and edit the coefficients of sensors;
- Set a time discrete-time data recording and integration;
- Clock synchronization;
- Reading and clearing data memory;
- Read and write data in real time.

*Specifications subject to change without notice. 


VALUES: Millimeters


In Fig. An autonomous recorder pressure ARV K14-1 (version 1).

Version with D-size lithium batteries


In Fig. 2 Standalone recorder pressure ARV K14-2 (version 2).

The variant with the battery compartment ø 135 x 200 mm.


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